The first and only single use, variable control rate set specifically designed for SCIg (subcutaneous immunoglobulin) infusion therapy. 


The VersaRateTM was designed in response to patients and healthcare professional's requests to simplify SCIg therapy and provide a flexible way to set specific infusion rates.


Patient's have reported that they love the VersaRateTM as they feel in control of their own infusions.  They know when they need to slow down or speed up their infusions - the VersaRateTM offers patient control which ultimately leads to more comfortable infusions.



  • Easy dial change for variable rate flow
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate drug flow



  • More comfortable patient controlled infusions
  • No need for numerous rate-specific control sets
  • Minimal training
  • Cost Efficient



  • Offers infusion control and accuracy without the cost and complications of an electronic pump
  • Flow rate information is available for specific drug flows - please contact us for further details
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