Tubing sets

The Infuset™ Flow Control Extension Sets are intended for use with the EMED SCIg60 Infusion Pump and RMS Freedom60 Syringe Infusion Pump systems to provide constant flow rate control.  


(For adjustable or variable flow rate sets, see the VersaRate)




  • Minimal priming volume
  • Universal Luer Lock fittings
  • Pressures up to 30 psi 
  • Cost effective
  • Individually packed in easy to open sterilised packets



  • Freedom of choice - not locked in with supplier
  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Seamless change with no new fittings required 


Infusets are comparable with Freedom 60 Tubing sets and advice can be provided on alternatives to ensure you use the correct Infusets instead of an F60 tubing set.  


Please contact us for further information on equivalent sets, we have information on flow rates and equivalent part numbers to help you find the right tubing set.  


If you are using an RMS tubing set for example an F2400 or F1200; we can provide the equivalent Infuset product codes enabling you to swap easily.  Please contact us further for any cross references or flow rate information, we will be happy to help.





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