Accuflo - Infusion Sets with Precise Flow Regulators

Accuflo offers a superior family of precise infusion sets with accurate flow regulation.  The devices have experieinced excellent clinical acceptance and constitute a cost effective alternative to the utilisation of infusion pumps.


Accuflo flow regulators provide reliable flow rate accuracy while minimizing drifting over time. Their principle of operation incorporates designb features that optimise flow stability.



  • Flow Regulator
    • The dial is designed to reduce the event of accidental chnage of flow rate.
    • Flow rates are adjustable from 21-250 ml/hr.
  • Spike Drip Chamber
    • Accuflo sets are available with 20 d/ml universal spike drip chamber and a built in 15-micron particle filter.
  • Luer Lock
    • Our Accuflo infusion sets include high quality swivel male luer locks to facilitate easy catheter connecctions
  • Pinch Clamp
    • The pinch clamp provides simplified on/off functionality



  • Accurate flow control without the use of an infusion pump
  • Improved flow rate stability over 24-48 hours of use compared to conventional roller clamps and to other flow regulators.


Additional Features

  • Accuflo sets are non-DEHP and Latex Free
  • Fitted with standard 'Y' injection ports
  • Available with needle-free access ports
  • Easy to read dial scale
  • Ergonomic tactile design with rigs for easy adjustment
  • Proprietary pressure rating for special clinical settings
  • Custom Configurations available upon request



An optimized design together with special materials of construction and tight manufacturing processes provide accuracy in the following ranges:

21-83 ml/hr  -10/+30%       -       84-250 ml/hr  -10/+20%

Flow rate accuracy under 20 ml/hr not available







92” AccuFlo™ Flow Regulator Infusion Set with injection Site.

17.1 ml


18” AccuFlo™ Flow Regulator Extension Set.



92" AccuFlo™ Flow Regulator Infusion Set with Needle-Free Injection Site.



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