Soft-Glide™ SCIg Single and Multi-Needle Site Infusion Sets

New Soft-Glide SCIg Infusion Sets featuring EMED proprietary needle design and coating technology for simple, comfortable and pain free as possible, infusions.

Experience the combination of the Soft Glide needle and coating technology coupled with a superior full radius curve design, to maximise flow throughput.  Soft flexible wings contour to the body of the needle to ensure easy insertion.  After the infusion the needles are safely encased in the wings for correct disposal in line with current needlestick injury legislation.


  • Soft-Glide™ proprietary needle design and coating
    • Coating technology to minimize needle discomfort and anxiety
    • Optimized needle contour to maximize flow
  • The widest selection of single and multi-needle site infusion sets
    • Needle gauges: 24 and 27
    • Needle lengths: 4, 6, 9, 12 and 14 mm to accommodate all age groups and skin types
    •  Short and long sets to meet specificc clinical requirements
  • Special wing design and materials
    • Soft translucent wings to facilitate placement and patient comfort
    • Available with Safety Wings (SAF-Q™) to encapsulate the needle upon removal
  • Proprietary ultra-flexible polyethylene tubing
  • Sterile EMED hypoallergenic site dressing for each needle


  • Soft-Glide™ needle insertion is virtually painless
  • Provides signi_cantly less skin penetration force when inserting the needle into the skin
  • Maximizes patient comfort throughout the infusion
  • Is great for skin-sensitive patients (thin-skinned, older patients and children)
  • Reduces site reactions and tissue damage


  • Optimal flow performance with a wide range of fluid viscosities
  • In a comprehensive comparative research study Soft-Glide™ needles outperformed many of the leading needle manufacturers (Report available upon request)
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